We are the free content sharing network for education.

As a non-profit organization the edu-sharing NETWORK takes care of to the availability of high quality learning content, the network organization, quality assurance and the initial consulting for non-profit organizations. At www.edu-sharing.com you can find a separate website managed by the software developers of the open source system. There you will find information about products and services surrounding the edu-sharing open source technologies.

We help educational organizations to master the 3 major steps towards participating in OER:

1. Step: professional content management in the organization

  • use our free edu-sharing repository software
  • manage content at one place: within the folders of your users and groups
  • use it everywhere in your organisation (it is integrated with  i.e. Moodle & Mediawiki)

2. Step: Share contents with partner organizations

  • exploit external sources of content for your users
  • connect your repository with partner organizations to allow comfortable sharing between users of both parties
  • but keep contents safe in your data center

3. Step: Participate in OER activities

  • open your repository and offer some of your contents as OER
  • provide MOOCs, valuable knowledge maps, collections
  • participate in our community activities like software-QS and knowledge transfer 



Logineo: edu-sharing is getting ready for a bigger cloud

This week our edu-sharing team helped to expand the server infrastructure for the school cloud solution "Logineo". The communal data centers LVR-InfoKom and KRZN are getting ready to host Logineo...

edu-sharing 1.8 released

We are proud to announce the release of version 1.8 of the edu-sharing repository system. After the realisation of numerous feature requests from our community and lots of testing you can...

edu-sharing Office Germany: Meeting with our Chinese Partners

This week the two heads of the edu-sharing office of China and Germany have met in Weimar to discuss common activities for the near future. Prof. Dr. Peng Han, head of the edu-sharing Office in...

edu-sharing - Serlo Anschluss 2015

Die Entwickler von Serlo: Aeneas Rekkas und edu-sharing: Matthias Hupfer trafen sich im Rahmen des edu-sharing Workshops im hbz Köln und stimmten die Serlo-Anbindung an edu-sharing ab. ...

05.11.2014: edu-sharing in Talkrunde: Best Practice OER - Policy Making

Talkrunde mit edu-sharing: Best Practice OER - Policy Making Die von der Technologie Stiftung Berlin organisierte Talkrunde findet am 5. November 2014 bei Wikimedia Deutschland statt und wird...